About Danish Label Coating A/S

We take pride in our quality, reliability and on-time delivery - ensuring you meet your dead-lines with the best quality finished product.


This is achieved by way of continuous process control, quality control and a 100% final visual inspection.


Our production area is a humidity and climate controlled, dustfree environment essential for high-quality polyurethane coating - and is set in 1600 m2 of modern, bright rooms which provide an excellent working environment for our flexible, well-trained and highly motivated staff.


We are committed to providing an excellent service, with each and every job being of the highest quality and delivered on time. 


This is achieved by way of a flat management structure supporting quick and effective communication between members of our team, and with you, the customer.


Our office staff all speak fluent English. We were established as an independent company in 1998 but have actually been working with polyurethane coating for more than 20 years-making all that valuable experience and expertise available to you.