Additional services


We can provide you with a range of useful additional services both before and after the Polycoat™ treatment. 


Our investment in digital printing machines means that we can offer cost-effective small and medium-sized print runs with virtually no start costs. 


This might be of particular interest to printing firms having a full order book, or running high-speed and high-capacity printing machines which have relatively high start costs. 


We can also die cut or plotter cut your labels prior to polyurethane coating. 


Our packing routines protect the finished products during transport and storage, and if required, we can mark the packaging with your own labels, so that the goods can be delivered to your client as if they have come direct from you.


As a distributor we offer you 3 free samples of 

your client's logo. Mail us a file and specify the material. 

We will send you the 3 samples free of charge.

You can get 3 free samples for each of your customers who might be interested.

Together with the three samples we send you an offer.