The optimum printing sheet size for labels is 350 x 500 mm, but we can work up to the size 500 x 700 mm. 


For very small labels, a smaller print sheet is recommended, such as 250 mm x 350 mm or 125 mm x 175 mm. 

On special machines, we run PolyCoat™ treatment of up to 400 mm x 1.000 mm.

Decorative stripescan be up to 1,500 mm. 


Surface Tension

The surface tension on your printed sheets should preferably be a minimum of 33 DYN. A surface tension of 36 – 38 DYN will yield the best result. 


Please contact us for methods of increasing the DYN value on your printed sheets.



PolyCoat™ is produced with a two-component polyurethane (resin and hardener). These two components are mixed and then dispensed on to the printed items via nozzles. 

The two mixed components are then cured and hardened by heating. 


After this polymerization, the PolyCoat™ treatment will meet the requirements below:


GADSL – Global Automotive Declarable Substance List.DS/EN 71  

Toy Directive Migration of dangerous substances European Parliament and CouncilDirective 2009/48/EC of 18th June,

2009,on safety requirements for tools. 

The RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive. REACH Registration, Evaluation, Authorizationand Restriction of Chemicals.

Contact with Foodstuff. EC Directives 89/109, 02/72, 97/48, 82/711, 85/572, 76/769. 

German Law §30 and § 31 LMBG (Lebensmittel- und Bedarfsgegenständegesetz) TÜV-Ref-No. 423332033/01.


Durability andTest Results


Raw Material:

Two-component polyurethane,mercury free. 

Durability:5 – 10 yearsTemperature Proof: -40 to + 150 C


Test Results:

Result after 120-hour test: 

In humid air: No effect

In saline mist: No effect

In tropical cabinet: No effect 

Immersed in oil: No effect

Immersed in turpentine: No effect 

Immersed in antifreeze liquid: No effect 

Immersed in diesel oil: No effect